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Welcome to my portfolio:
I design webites, mobile websites & shopping carts.
I also create, PHP scripts, data-collection forms and data-driven web pages!


I started building websites for fun back in college more than 10 years ago. It wasn't long til I began freelancing by building simple websites for friends and friends of friends. Eventually, I began to acquire new clients through advertising and other means.

As the array of services that my clients requested grew, so did my skill-set. I can build websites from scratch using Photoshop files that I create. I can also build websites from templates or within CMS frameworks, such as WordPress or an online shopping cart system.

My favorite web development tool is PHP, as it gives me the freedom and ability to do some pretty complex and cool things that can't be accomplished by HTML alone.

For those situations where my clients need to store or retrieve data via a web page, I can build customized web forms and search forms that integrate with a MySQL database to produce highly-formatted output within web page tables.

As a Freelance Web Developer, I try to offer my services to individuals and small businesses at reasonable costs and in a very timely manner.



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Alex Williams

Tel. (305) 775-8184