Freelance Web & App Developer In South Florida

Let's Get Started!

Thank you for your purchase :) Let's get started... below is a list of things that I will need to complete your website:
  • The titles of the pages that you need created.
  • Your hosting account login info. If you purchased my "Ultimate" package I will be contacting you so that we can set-up your free Godaddy hosting account.
  • Any media that will be used on your website. This includes images, text, video, links, etc...
  • I need to know exactly what content will go onto each webpage.
  • Your company logo. If you do not have a logo, I can create a very basic text logo for you at no additional cost.
  • The usernames for any email addresses that you want to create. (Only if you have a new domain name.)
  • Please provide any additional details that I would need in order to create your website.
  • If you have very specific requirements, please specify how the content should be laid-out (formatted) on each webpage.
  • Use this color chart to specify the two main colors that should be used when creating your website. (Click the desired color for the HTML color code.)
  • Provide links to any social media pages that are related to your website.
For large files you can use DropBox or any other file sharing service. Send all content to Thank you for choosing me to create your new website! ~Alex

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