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Your medical practice deserves a website that is informative, through and attractive. It should be intuitive & easy to use and should have an admin panel that allows you, the website owner, to make simple text and image changes on your own.

I build professional medical websites over WordPress; the most powerful & popular CMS (content management system) on the internet. With WordPress I can extend the functionality of your website into a fully-automated patient appointment setting/tracking tool. I have several ways of building a Q & A forum within your website that allows you to engage with your patients in and out of the office. Almost any feature that you've seen on any other website can be built into your custom medical website and done to your exact specifications.

Do you want to sell medical equipment online? Let me get your online store up & running in as little as 2 weeks. I use WooCommerce along with WordPress to give you a shopping cart that is very flexible and expandable. WooCommerce has a huge library of plugins that can extend the functionality of your retail platform in almost any way that you would want.

When you have your product images ready and a run-down of your product inventory, give me a call so that we may discuss the next steps in the production of your medical equipment online store.

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